Frequently Asked Questions


How many CLE Credits can I receive for participating?

You will be able to earn CLE credits for attending our events. Written material will be provided to all participants. The credits awarded differ from state to state, and will be granted at the discretion of the individual state bars. The number of credits you will receive varies for each Roundtable, based on the following number of formal programming hours during the event:
  • The Privacy Law Salon: Privacy Roundtable - 6.0 hours
  • The Privacy Salon: Policymaker Roundtable - 5.0 hours

Where is the venue?

Venues vary for each event and will be announced on this site prior to each Roundtable. Please check the Roundtable pages for more information.

What is the dress code at the Roundtable?

We suggest business casual for the sessions, reception and dinner. Formal attire is not required.

Who is the host?

The logistics and coordination of the Salons are being managed by Cambridge Forums, which produces exclusive, top-of-the-line CLE events.

What is the Organizing Committee's Role?

The Salons are co-organized by an Organizing Committee differing for each event. The committee plans all of the content and invites special guests to participate in each of our sessions. They will moderate the seminar-style discussions, where everyone can share their knowledge and ideas, and where the leaders will challenge participants to see issues ‘through a different lens’. Please consult the Roundtable pages to learn about the Organizing Committee.

What is the Advisory Board's role?

The Advisory Board will provide advice and ideas to the Organizing Committee in developing the content of the event. The Board consists of a diverse group of leading practitioners and experts in the field. They will assist the Organizing Committee in deciding upon which topics and reading materials will be discussed at the Roundtables.

What is the participation fee?

Fees vary for each Roundtable. The fees exclude the cost of travel and accommodation, but include all of the sessions, materials prepared for the Roundtable, your meals, a cocktail reception and wine with dinner. Your place will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. For the current fee for each program please visit their individual pages:

What is the cancellation policy?

Written requests for cancellation will be eligible for a refund of participation fees in accordance with the schedule outlined on the fact sheet, based on the date the cancellation request is received.